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Reinke Precision Management (RPM) 

Reinke® puts you in control with our all-new Reinke Precision Management (RPM) Control Panels.

Built on a new robust and flexible foundation, RPM Panels integrate the newest technology in components with an innovative approach to design, so that controls can be tailored to each customer's unique requirements. Each panel features a streamlined interface that's simple to use and easy to understand. RPM Panels upgrade easily and offer many options that conserve water, time, and labor. With RPM, the power is in your hands.

RPM Control Panel

The first level of our new and improved control panel series, the RPM Panel delivers state-of-the-art technology, yet is simple to use.

The RPM panel features speed controls, directional options, start/stop and auto-stop control functionality, control over pressure and temperature interlocks, and the ability to shut off the end gun from the panel.

The RPM Panel is easily enhanced with a variety of powerful options, including power restart and a basic version of our PAC III timer. Upgrading the RPM Panel is quick and easy. Your Reinke Dealer simply replaces the RPM module inside the panel with the Advanced or Preferred module.

RPM Advanced Control Panel

The RPM Advanced panel provides digital precision control for your irrigation system. Equipped with PAC III technology, RPM Advanced precisely regulates system speed and functions, insuring accurate water, fertilizer, and chemical application with center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

RPM Advanced is simple to program, and depth is displayed to 1/100th of an inch. The new streamlined interface is versatile and user-friendly.

RPM Advanced offers many options, including the choice of cycle time options, the ability to control up to two end guns, and the ability to delay the system for longer soak times at the forward and reverse positions. Advanced options include telephone control (RPM Phone Link) and telemetry (RPM Monitor and Control).

When coupled with resolver technology or the Reinke Navigator™ GPS locater for end towers, you may program end gun settings - or any location-based settings - with unprecedented accuracy. Simple position programming allows water application to be tailored for the needs of multiple crops and varying conditions in the field.

RPM Preferred Control Panel

Designed to meet today’s most challenging irrigation needs, the RPM Preferred Panel uses innovative computer technology to deliver complete control over your irrigation system.

RPM Preferred allows you to customize application to varying slope and soil conditions within your field. Precision application controls conserve water and reduce operating costs by applying water only when and where it’s needed.

RPM Preferred is simple to program with setup and programming wizards to guide you through every step. Programs are easy to retrieve, and the streamlined interface features a serial port for connection to your personal computer. RPM Preferred logs events so you know what’s been happening with the system.

Reduce management time by using options such as telemetry, RPM Remote, and RPM Phone Link instead of making a trip to the pivot center to check functions and operation status. With our exclusive Reinke Navigator™ GPS locater option for end towers, you can program any location-based setting with unmatched accuracy.

RPM Preferred gives you the control you need to face today's most challenging irrigation situations.

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